Avionics Panel Update

The Avionics Panel production is in full swing and the first batches are being boxed up. We appreciate your patience. We wanted to make sure everything was perfect so we hope you will appreciate the fact we did not want to rush these out the door.

VS-AP1 Shipping.jpg

Back from the FlightSimCon

We’re back! What a great turn-out! Thank you everyone who has stopped by and flew the sim. We’ve gotten some really good compliments on the avionics panel so we are excited everyone likes it so much. It was also very nice to meet with some of you existing customers and put the face with the name. Thank you for coming and saying hello. Hopefully we will see you again next year.


FlightSimCon 2016

Volair Sim is happy to exhibit at the FlightSimCon 2016 which takes place from June 10-12 at the New England Air Museum near the Bradley International Airport in Connecticut.

We will be showcasing our brand-new Avionics Panel that will start shipping in July. We are taking pre-orders so reserver yours NOW!




We encourage you to visit us at the booth and come and come to the 2:00 PM panel discussion on the benefits of flying online.

Movable Volair Sim Implementation

Jack and Ted are residents at the SunCityGrand in the sunny Phoenix, AZ area. They belong to a Special Interest Group (SIG) that focuses on aviation that was formed in 2012 and have since grown to over 100 members. The Aviation SIG has recently embarked on a project to develop a flight simulator cockpit for their group members to share and enjoy. Ted was the technical guru and you must admit the implementation of the platform and the 4th monitor (20″ Acer Model #S200HQL) is pretty ingenious.

I hope that this gives everyone looking for a mobile implementation a good idea on how to mount the Volair Sim on a platform that can be easily maneuvered to places and also show some 4th monitor options. Ted told me that he raised the seat a bit (using a spacer) and moved the monitors to the max height to minimize the overlap between the triple set and the 4th monitor.

Ted writes, “Myself and everyone else that has seen the Volair is extremely impressed with the construction and look of it” and Jack commented that  “IT WORKS AND WE LOVE IT.  REALLY SMOOTH.  USING XPLANE 10.  STARTED WITH 4 ROLLERS , NOW HAVE 6.”

IMG_8799 (1)

Finished Cockpit


4th monitor implementation (20″)





Avionics Panel for the Volair Sim Chassis



Here is a sneak-peek of a brand-new accessory Volair Sim is launching this year. Check out this avionics panel designed specially for the Volair Sim Chassis.

Some of the Features:

  • Pre-drilled for a seamless integration with the Volair Sim Cockpit or stand-alone mounting to a table via clamps



  • Carbon-fiber look soft padded glare shield with hand stitching to complement the sleek look of the Volair Sim cockpit.



Pricing, availability, and pre-orders are upcoming.Visit us at FlightSimCon 2016 to check it out in person.

We are back in-stock!

Finally, a long-awaited update. We’ve started to ship the backordered units today (starting obviously with customers who have been waited the longest) and we will be fully caught-up no later than end of day Tuesday (12th). So thank everyone for your patience and please check your e-mail periodically for UPS tracking numbers. They often land in SPAM so please check there as well.

We’ve also opened up the store for regular orders which we will fulfill once we take care of our backordered customers. So if you have been thinking about ordering one of our systems, you can do so now and we should be able to ship starting Wednesday 13th.